Who we are

Young New Zealand First is the home and voice for young members and supporters of the New Zealand First Party. Our supporters come from different socio-economic backgrounds and communities with different values, interests and beliefs.

We are all independent thinkers from across the political spectrum who have a shared goal to put New Zealand and New Zealanders first. Everyone deserves a fair go and access to the tools needed to succeed and pursue happiness in life.

We are the movement people go to for purpose, advocacy and community.


What do we do?

We work hard campaigning, canvassing, supporting electorates and encouraging our members to get involved in their own communities.

We dedicate social time through Movie nights, bar-hangouts, lunches, coffee catch ups, paintball, retreats and MP Guest talks. We work hard, but must have a good time too.

We are an inclusive movement of supporters that champion policy and social campaigns that solve problems for the young of New Zealand.


Why join?

Young New Zealand First provides an opportunity for young people to put politics into practice in any way they can, anywhere they can.

From Northland to Southland, in the Provinces and Cities, we want to be the youth movement of choice. We aren’t just all politics, like any other Kiwi we like to have a good time and get to know each other too.

If you want to contribute to changing the economic and social future of our country community by community, then let’s get going and join Young New Zealand First.