Robert Gore – Chairman, Young New Zealand First

About me

Born and bred West Aucklander from Titirangi, I attended school locally but went to Mt Albert Grammar and the University of Auckland. I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and History in 2016.

I first became involved in New Zealand First in late 2015, when the youth movement was first being established. Close friend, and former Chair of YNZF, Connor McFadyen, was the catalyst. As he pointed out, with the Northland By-Election, Trump and Brexit, a mood of change was sweeping the world, and now was the best time to be a part of it.

I came from a Labour voting family but was turned off by the personality and identity politics, and lack of vision. In New Zealand First, I found a movement that not only had the ability to lead the country, but a vision of a Nation that takes pride in itself and looks after its own people. I’ve never looked back since.

I am a qualified ESOL Refugee Home Tutor, CPR instructor and am currently in the process of becoming a Community Patroller with the Police for the New Lynn-Kelston area.


What’s the big deal about Election 2017?

This year will mark an important anniversary in our Nation’s history. We have endured precisely nine years of Labour Government, followed by nine years of National Government.

We are in a rut. Poverty, homelessness, hospital waiting times and crime all up in real terms when “alternative facts” and skewed numbers from the government are ignored. Home ownership, employment and exporters as a share of GDP are down.

Nearly two decades of Helengrad and Planet Key, and the world is upside down. More crime, less opportunity. More people living in cars and garages, fewer people in work.

30 years ago this year, New Zealander’s headed to the polls to re-elect the Fourth Labour Government for a second term. Total disaster followed, as not only Labour’s own supporters, but the Nation as a whole was thrown under the bus. Next election people turned to the next best alternative in a two-party system: Jim Bolger and the National Party. Then National turned around and betrayed those voters, and broke their promises too.

That’s where we began. New Zealand First. From the ashes of Labour and National Party membership, Kiwis of all stripes, races and background came together around the Leadership of Winston Peters to try and take back their country.

Here we are thirty years later. We are polling higher than ever before outside of campaign season. We have more members than before, more candidates to stand. We have a burgeoning Youth Movement that is already making its mark on Campus’s and Polytechs across the country.

A wave of revolt is sweeping Establishment parties out of power across the West, after 30 years of Globalist failure. Open borders, political correctness and social engineering haven’t made people any better off in the face of rising unemployment, poverty and economic hardship.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and you don’t have to watch it happen. Join Young New Zealand First, so when people ask, “Where were you when New Zealanders took back their country for themselves?” you’ll reply; “in the trenches.”

Don’t take the sidelines, take a side. #Put New Zealanders 1st Again.


Taylor Curd – Young New Zealand First

About me

Kia Ora, I am a native of Mount Maunganui . I currently work at Land Information New Zealand and recently graduated with a BA in Sociology and Education. I have also studied Nautical Science at the New Zealand Maritime School in Auckland. I have spent a year overseas working on cruise ships and living in Hong Kong, however, I have spent the last four years studying, working, and living in our windy capital. I became involved with YNZF because I want to help bring about change in our society and help engage young New Zealanders with our political system, and encourage community involvement. I would like to see YNZF become a tight knit community of young New Zealanders who are open-minded, accepting of difference, understanding, with a focus to build community in our country which those arriving to our shores can share in.

What’s the big deal about Election 2017?

This year’s election is important because elections always are. The incoming government will govern the future of our nation and the way in which we all live. With the Trump administration and nationalism stirring right across the globe, NZF has the opportunity to show that we are different in our implementation of nationalism and that we are not ruled by fear. NZF has traditionally been painted as an old racist party, however, the recent birth of YNZF proves this wrong, as long as we engage with this years election in a loud way.

Volunteering I do

I am in the process of creating a charitable trust which brings youth and elderly together in relationship, partnership, and communication. This will also help with the mental health of both generations.

Louie Encabo – Secretary, Young New Zealand First

About me

I am a university student double majoring political studies and history at the University of Auckland. With my degree, I plan to pursue a career in journalism. Writing has long been a passion of mine, when I was much younger I would spend my afternoons creating mock newspapers and writing stories on politics and other current events.

I have long been fascinated with politics, so much that it has led me to pursue university study in the field. I am an admirer of nationalist movements all over the world, that includes New Zealand First – the only movement in the country which truly represents the best interests of New Zealanders.

My involvement in the party’s youth wing can hopefully help me to create a movement of patriotic young Kiwis who are passionate about improving the lives of their compatriots and make New Zealand an economically-inclusive place that guarantees social justice to all.

What’s the big deal about Election 2017?

I believe that 2017 is an election year unlike no other. As Kiwis, we are facing an unprecedented housing crisis, a growing number of underemployment and an alarming increase in child poverty.

Election 2017 presents us with our best chance of mitigating these crises before it becomes too late. These problems worsened under the National government, while the Labour-Greens opposition provide no concrete solution.

New Zealand First remains the most potent force to put the country back on track and ensure New Zealanders a fair-go at life and hence it is important we elect the party into government.

Volunteering I do

I have volunteered for Feed the Homeless – Auckland, a group of volunteers who chip in food and manpower to hand-out hot meals and warm clothes to the homeless people living in the Auckland CBD.


Todd Harper – Young New Zealand First

About me

I was born and raised in the mighty Tron. I am involved with multiple organisations around the local community, including, the local Pipe Band, Boys’ Brigade NZ/Iconz, My local Church, and many other youth organisations. I am currently enrolled at the University of Waikato studying a Bachelor of Communications, Majoring in PR and Music. I am involved with YNZF for a couple of reasons, I want to see a positive difference within NZ especially for young New Zealanders and those growing up in this country. Where I would like to see YNZF would be, the leading Youth political affiliation/organisation to be apart of, and that it would grow from strength to strength in the coming years.

Volunteering I do

I am currently Volunteering with Iconz (a Christian youth organisation for guys) I take the older guys 14-18 Y/O’s, I run the DOE programme with them, and help them attain their Queens Badge.

I am also volunteering with the Hamilton Caledonian Society and Pipe Band, where I serve as the Drum Major, a side drummer, I and a member of both the Society and Pipe Band executives.